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    FeelPlace Flagship sensor device IAQS

    IAQS - Indoor Air Quality Sensor

    FeelPlace Flagship sensor device measures temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (TVOC) , particulate matter,  pressure difference and absolute air pressure

    Additional feature pack (+P) measures ambient light and sound pressure in addition to IAQ parameters.

Save costs

Save costs by preventing damages during various phases of construction and by obtaining valuable data on IAQ, Energy Efficiency, Usage of Space and other critical factors.

Make users happy

Wellbeing of the building fosters happiness amongst users who daily use the building for a big variety of activities.

Elevate property value 

Keeping the building healty troughout the full Lifecycle starting from early planning helps generating optimal profit for the property investment.  

FeelPlace IoT Solutions

FeelPlace Solutions

FeelPlace offers agile and robust indoor air measurement solutions including Cloud Services, IoT devices and 3D-modeling and visualization of facilities.


FeelPlace consists of two solution packages: Indoor Air Case and Smart Building Solutions. Indoor Air Case is an effortless and cost-effective way to start monitoring indoor air conditions of your property. With Smart Building Solutions, you can manage even a large real estate mass throughout its lifecycle e.g. indoor air conditions, the condition of structures and the associated risk levels.