• Wireless IoT makes 
    Smart Buildings

    Utilize your intelligent cloud based IoT data. FeelPlace IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings consists of a cloud based data storage system, the data and visualization engine that transforms the data to efficient information and the devices that feed in the measurements to the system. 


Versatile Wireless & Digital Solutions 
for Smart Buildings

FeelPlace includes a variety of digital solutions for Wireless Smart Buildings throughout it's Lifecycle.

On digital side our solutions include e.g. building a 3D-model optimized for IoT visualization purposes as well as offering the data via a more traditional user interface.

On IoT device side our offering includes e.g. measuring  dehybration of concrete, measuring indoor air quality, tracking people flow and usage of space  within buildings. Wireless sensor network based IoT monitoring system makes the backbone of Smart Buildings.

 FeelPlace is completely designed and manufactured in Finland, and is fully compatible with Seemoto system which is utilized by a wide variety of industries in over 15 countries on five continents.

Featured Devices

Wired 4THS Structural Humidity Sensor

Wired 4THS measures temperature and humidity from up to four depths and is available both as mains or battery powered version. The device can be used e.g. for ensuring that the circumstances are suitable while working with base  or midsole structures.
Structural humidity IoT monitoring device with 4 probes


The mains powered Gateway creates a wireless network where the IAQS sensors transmit the measurement data. Data transfer from the base station to the data service is handled using mobile phone network, and the data SIM is part of the service.

FeePlace IoT Gateway (WGW) is used to create Wireless sensor network for monitoring devices

IAQ sensor

IAQ Sensor device measures the following quantities every 5 minutes: temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (TVOC), fine particles (PM 0.5, PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM4 and PM10), pressure difference between indoor and outdoor space and absolute air pressure.

IAQS wireless device monitors indoor air quality parameters in smart buildings

Ventilation Efficiency Sensor

VE sensor monitors ventilation activity. VES measures pressure difference between outdoor and indoor areas or between different parts of buildings. VES is also able to perform clean room pressure checks and measure dehybration levels from various depths of the structure.

Ventilation efficiency sensor

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FeelPlace structural humidity monitoring device measures using up to four accurate probes
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