FeelPlace IoT end user feedback survey

Response QR-code links user to feedback survey


FeelPlace Response - end user feedback tool

FeelPlace Response is customizable survey and feedback tool to gather end user feedback regarding e.g. indoor air conditions and  functionality of the spaces. 

FeelPlace Response is initiated with QR-code and the questions can be tailored according to space related needs. With FeelPlace Response reports it is easy to follow development of user feedback and see correlations between actions taken to improve the facilities and users happiness.

You can try out FeelPlace Response demo from the QR-code below.

Activate your mobile phone camera and let the QR-code to take yo to feedback survey

Feedback that can be collected with Response

Satisfaction regarding Indoor Air Quality in general or per space

Satisfaction regarding lighting and audio conditions

Other topics related to space usage

Collect building user feedback with FeelPlace Response solution

Benefits of monitoring space usage with Response

Optimizing space usage and space setup by gathering long term input of the actual usage 

Giving information on space availability and input for space reservation systems

Understanding the dependencies between space usage and Indoor Air Quality measurements

Understanding the dependencies between space usage and energy consumption 

Being able to affect the IAQ and energy consumption e.g. by adjusting the heating and lighting via Building Automation System 

FeelPlace IoT solutions include comprehensive QR-code based, end user feedback survey

FeelPlace system

FeelPlace consists of wireless IoT sensor devices, that monitor the building and communicate the collected data via gateways that forward the data to FeelPlace cloud service. Access to real-time and history data is provided by an internet browser with intuitive UI and versatile reports both in 3D as well as in simplified format

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 FeelPlace consists of various Smart IoT Solutions for Smart Buildings