• FeelPlace Smart Building IoT Monitoring

    FeelPlace IoT monitors the building through its Lifecycle from planning phase to the use of the spaces.
    FeelPlace IoT contains various WSN based sensors for environmental and structural monitoring, IAQ, people flow and more

IoT Monitoring 

Wireless IoT sensors work as a backbone of FeelPlace system. Smart Building IoT sensors monitor the building and transmit the data via Gateway to FeelPlace Cloud Service.

Measuring data and history data can be monitored 24/7 from FeelPlace Classic User Interface. The User Interface gives easy access to timely data, history data and includes a great variety of various features e.g. creating efficient reports and setting and receiving alarms.

Examples of data measured by FeelPlace Smart IoT sensors


Relative humidity

Structural humidity

Carbon dioxide

Volatile Organic Compounds

Particulate Matter

Pressure difference between indoor and outdoor space

Absolute air pressure

Ambient light and sound intensity

People Flow

Gather end user feedback

FeelPlace Response is customizable survey and feedback tool to gather end user feedback regarding indoor air conditions and e.g. functionality of the spaces. 

FeelPlace Response is initiated with QR-code and the questions can be tailored according to space related needs. With FeelPlace Response reports it is easy to follow user feedback and see correlations between actions taken to improve the facilities and users opionions.

You can try out FeelPlace Response demo from the QR-code below.

By scanning this barcode you will be able to view example IAQ questionnaire
FeelPlace Classic UI provides Smart Buildings various measurement reports and UI's for PC and mobile devices
FeelPlace can be used to collect also end customer feedback via customizable questannaire forms

Smart Building IoT Solutions and Usage


For the planning phase in construction we offer the planning of the IoT setup. After implementing the IoT system the data produced by the sensors will be displayed in the FeelPlace Classic User Interface. 


Smart Building IoT monitoring offers vital information for construction implementation e.g. via measurement of dehydration of concrete from various depths and  measurement of humidity and drying on critical structures on the construction site.


 FeelPlace IoT measures and delivers important information 24/7 e.g. on Indoor Air Quality and disruptions in structural humidity. 


FeelPlace System

FeelPlace consists of wireless sensor devices, that monitor the building and communicate the collected data via gateways that forward the data to FeelPlace cloud service. Access to real-time and history data is provided by an internet browser with intuitive UI and versatile reports both in 3D as well as in simplified format

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